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Turkey Yacht Charter

The Turkey yacht charter industry is riding a wave of steady growth, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% through 2030.

With some of the best-valued yachts in the Med, we are seeing clients increasingly seeking larger and more luxurious yachts.

Guests want the most luxurious amenities: Jacuzzis, spa rooms, fully equipped gyms, and large selections of water toys, the most popular being jet skis, Seabobs, and everything else new and thrilling.

But the perks don’t end here: Turkey is one of the few destinations in the Med that permits charters for groups over 12 people, making it a prime choice for larger gatherings. – event charters, corporate charters, and big family gatherings, who struggle to find options in other destinations without having to pay the price of a cruise ship.

Turkey’s charter-friendly approach and its fast-growing infrastructure, which aims to accommodate more luxury yachts, demonstrate a strong commitment to positioning itself as a top charter destination in the Mediterranean.

This image captures a serene cove in Gocek, set against a dramatic backdrop of steep cliffs and lush forests. The deep blue waters are calm and inviting, dotted with several yachts anchored near the secluded beach, offering an idyllic setting for sailing and relaxation.
Aerial view of Butterfly Valley near Fethiye, Turkey
Aerial view of Bodrum Marina, bustling with numerous yachts and boats docked in a well-organized pattern. The marina is nestled between the vibrant town and the clear blue waters, highlighting its central location and comprehensive facilities that cater to a variety of maritime needs.
Bodrum Marina can hold 450 yachts up to 135 meters long. It offers full repair services, a travel lift, shops, and restaurants. The marina is secure, environmentally friendly with a Blue Flag certification, and it's right in the center of Bodrum, close to all the main attractions.

Market Trends

A steady market growth expected to continue

The Turkey Yacht Charter Industry has been growing steadily for many years, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.7% from 2024 to 2030. This positive trend is partly due to governmental efforts to make the country more charter-friendly in terms of cost and infrastructure.

Growing demand for larger, more luxurious yachts

Turkey is seeing an increasing demand for larger yachts above 50 feet. People are spending more on high-end vacations and valuing luxury amenities, longer charters, and unique charter activities and events. (6Wresearch)​.

Turkey increases the VAT on Turkish-flagged charter vessels by 2%

In July 2023, Turkey increased its VAT rate for yacht charters from 18% to 20%, while the reduced VAT rate of 8% has increased to 10%. This is part of broader economic measures aimed at stabilizing and developing the country’s economy​ (Ocean Independence)​​ (VATcalc)​.

Stable tourism despite global political conflicts

By maintaining friendly ties with both Russia and the US, Turkey ensures a stable environment that supports continued tourism. This approach helps protect Turkey’s economic interests and sustains its appeal as a secure and attractive location for international visitors. (Al Jazeera), (Council on Foreign Relations)​

Types of Yacht Charters in Turkey

Are you looking for a classic gulet, a sailing yacht, a motor yacht, a Superyacht, a yacht for 12-24 guests, a luxury yacht with a Jacuzzi, Jet ski, and Scuba Gear? We’ve got it!

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Motor Yachts
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Luxury Yachts
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Large Groups (12-20 guests) charters
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Charter Yachts with a Jacuzzi
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Charter Yachts with a Jetski
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Charter Yachts with Scuba Diving Onboard
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4 Popular Charter Routes in Turkey that can be done within a 1-week Charter

The central hub for yacht charters in Turkey is found on the southwest coast between Bodrum and Fethiye, also known as the Turquoise Coast or the Turkish Riviera.

Whether you want a sailing yacht, motor yacht, or a larger luxury yacht, you will find it here. Those who wish to have a more traditional Turkish experience might consider Gulet yacht charters.

The most popular starting points for yacht charters are Bodrum, Marmaris, and Gocek Marina. Here, you are well-placed to explore one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful cruising grounds.

Thanks to the archipelago, you are in protected waters, shielded against stronger wind. The conditions are truly ideal for a proper sailing vacation!

Turkey Yacht Itinerary – Explore Turkey in 6 Days
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The scenery along these routes is consistently stunning, with a green, mountainous coastline and incredible historical sites dotting the coast. Two of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World are found in this area: The ruins of the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus.

Other highlights to include in a Turkey yacht charter are the famous rock tombs of Antalya and the popular Oludeniz beach, also known as the Blue Lagoon, located not far from Fethyie.

A breathtaking aerial view of a tranquil bay along the Turkish coastline, featuring lush green islands surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters. The bay is dotted with a variety of yachts and sailboats, anchoring near the shore or navigating the calm sea, illustrating a popular and picturesque yachting destination.
Gocek, Turkey
An aerial view of the historic Bodrum Castle, surrounded by the vibrant harbor and cityscape. The image showcases a bustling marina filled with an array of boats and yachts, with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea extending into the horizon, highlighting Bodrum’s blend of ancient history and modern luxury.
Bodrum, Turkey
Overlooking the expansive bay of Marmaris, this image highlights the town's dense, colorful architecture surrounded by green hills. The bay is speckled with numerous sailboats, illustrating Marmaris’ popularity as a vibrant yachting hub with beautiful vistas and a lively waterfront.
Marmaris, Turkey

There are also options to include hot spots in the nearby Greek islands, such as Symi, Kos, and Rhodes, which is home to a third of the Wonders of the Ancient World: the Colossus of Rhodes.

However, if you decide to move into Greek territory on your Turkey yacht charter, there are a few things to keep in mind: There is an increase in the APA + you will not be able to go there with a group exceeding 12 people, due to Greece’s limitations on big group charters. Consult with us for more info.

When is the Best time for a Yacht Charter in Turkey?

The charter season in Turkey is quite long and spans the summer months, from May to October.

This period offers the most favorable weather conditions for sailing, with warm temperatures ranging between 25°C and 35°C (77°F to 95°F), clear skies, gentle breezes, and long daylight hours. These conditions are ideal for cruising along the Turkish coast and exploring the islands.

Luxury Yacht charters in Turkey are a unique experience due to the Meltemi wind, which blows through the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea from the Northwest to West-Northwest on the open water and follows the coastlines closer to shore.

In the summer, the average wind speed is 10-15 knots, and sometimes, the guests can have a thrilling experience with 25-30 knots in the peak season. After the peak season, meltemi is generally weaker.

A slender tanned girl on the beach in a straw hat in the colors of the flag of Turkey. The concept of a perfect vacation in a resort in the Turkey. Focus on the hat.

We recommend large, crewed yachts such as a motor yacht, a sailing yacht, or the more classic Gulet charters to give you the best experience in the Meltemi winds.

That said, while summer is the most popular time for yacht charters in Turkey, the spring and early autumn months can also offer pleasant weather conditions, fewer crowds, AND discounted charter prices, making them attractive alternatives for those seeking a quieter sailing experience.

Consult with one of our experienced charter brokers to get the best experience for your Luxury yacht charter in Turkey.

Best Charter Destinations in Turkey

Oludeniz Beach (Blue Lagoon)

Fethiye is a picturesque town located on the southwest coast of Turkey. The majestic rock tombs that once stood on the site of ancient Telmessos may still be seen carved into the towering cliffs of Fathiye.

15 kilometers south of Fethiye, is the town of Olüdeniz,  which is known for its turquoise-protected blue lagoon, white sand beach, and National Park forest land best explored using a luxury motor yacht.

Although it is well known for its beauty and might get crowded in the summer, when you travel by superyacht during your sailing vacation, you are likely to find an unexplored cove.

If you’re determined to find peace on land, hop across the hill to the abandoned settlement of Kayaköy (Karmylassos), which gained fame in Louis Des Bernières’ book Birds Without Wings.

Don’t Miss☝

  • Blue Lagoon: a stunning bay with crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches
  • Butterfly Valley: a nature reserve with a diverse ecosystem and a waterfall
  • Saklikent Gorge: a natural wonder with high cliffs and a river flowing through it
  • Ancient ruins: Fethiye is home to several ancient ruins, including the Lycian Rock Tombs and the Roman Theater


Göcek is a charming town located in the Gulf of Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

Göcek is known for its modern marinas, which are popular among luxury yacht charters, with proximity to many secluded coves and bays. Some of the popular marinas in Göcek are D-Marin Göcek, Göcek Village Port, and Skopea Marina.

Göcek is located in an area surrounded by pine forests and hills, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The Göcek Yacht Club is situated in the middle of the pine forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and sea.

Don’t Miss☝

  • Twelve Islands: a group of small islands with crystal-clear waters and secluded beaches
  • Dalyan: a town on the Dalyan River known for its mud baths and ancient ruins
  • Water sports: Göcek is a popular destination for sailing and offers many opportunities for water sports, including windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding

Bodrum (Historic Wonders)

Bodrum is a popular destination for luxury yacht charters in Turkey for its lively nightlife and beaches with Club Catamaran, and Marina Yacht Club.

Besides, The town was once known as Halicarnassus and was home to the famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Today, Bodrum is home to several historic landmarks and museums, including the Castle of St. Peter, which now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Luxury private boat rental (motor yacht charter) will allow you to discover these historical landmarks on the turquoise coast of Turkey.

Don’t Miss☝

  • Castle of St. Peter: a medieval castle that now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology
  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Bodrum Marina: a modern marina with upscale restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Water sports: Bodrum offers a variety of water sports, including diving, snorkeling, and parasailing
Sailing yachts moored in Bodrum with Castle in the background and blue and pink skies


Antalya has a rich history, with well-preserved ancient ruins, including the Roman Theater and Perge, an ancient city with impressive ruins of a stadium, a theatre, and a bathhouse.

In addition to its historical sites, Antalya is known for its beautiful beaches, including Lara Beach and Konyaalti Beach, which are best explored by luxury gulet charters or motor yacht charters. You can also explore the Düden Waterfalls, a series of cascading waterfalls on the Düden River.

Antalya is also home to many upscale shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a bustling bazaar where visitors can find traditional Turkish goods, including rugs, ceramics, and jewelry.

Don’t Miss☝

  • Perge: an ancient city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a stadium
  • Hadrian’s Gate: a well-preserved Roman gate that dates back to the 2nd century
  • Düden Waterfalls: a series of waterfalls on the Düden River

Kekova Island (The Sunken City)

Kas and Kekova are two neighboring destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey that are popular among luxury yacht charters.

Kekova Island and Myra offer a unique luxury experience for a yacht charter in Turkey, where they can enjoy swimming in the clear waters while exploring the remains of the Lycian civilization.

While snorkeling or diving, visitors can observe sarcophagi, ancient tombs, and archways, which are submerged underwater. This is a truly standout experience of any Turkish Riviera trip, as the sunken city is a sight to behold.

Don’t Miss☝

  • Lycian Way: a long-distance hiking trail that passes through Kas and offers stunning views of the coastline
  • Antiphellos Ancient City: an ancient Lycian city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a temple
  • Sunken City of Simena: a partially submerged ancient city with well-preserved ruins that can be seen from the water or by snorkeling
  • Üçağız: a small fishing village with traditional houses and a scenic harbor
  • Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours: Kekova is known for its glass-bottomed boat tours that offer a unique view of the sunken city and the surrounding marine life.
Ruins on the edge of the water and some submerged between the crystal clear water

Our Recommended 6-Day Charter Itinerary in Turkey

A Luxury yacht charter in Turkey is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! This awesome itinerary takes you to famous island regions like Gocek, Fethiye, Gemiler, Kalkan, Kekova, Myra, and Kas for an extraordinary luxury private yacht charter vacation in Turkey!

Over the years, we have built up personal relationships with yacht crew in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, on different size vessels. This has given us not only a unique insight into chartering itineraries for the best secret anchorages, best beaches, local bars, snorkeling hotspots, and beautiful sunset locations but also the expertise to match you with your perfect crew and yacht for your Turkey Yacht Charter.

How do I Book a Yacht Charter in Turkey?

Booking with us is easy and can be done in 5 simple steps – Just check out our video where Charter Broker Martina Asmus explains the easy process. The most important thing to consider is booking in good time.

Ideally, you’d inquire about a Turkey yacht charter 12 months in advanceWHY? The best yachts are often fully booked long in advance and it’s not unusual to see popular dates booked 2 summers ahead.

Inquiring less than 6 months ahead often means that your first choice is unavailable for charter. Additionally, you might find that the yacht you wish to charter, can’t make it to the port where you wish to commence your yacht charter.


Our clients speak of unparalleled service, exquisite yachts, and a straightforward booking process, highlighting the excellence of their luxury yacht charter experiences in Turkey.

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 with 220 reviews - Excellent

We have a Background in Sailing and are continuously involved with Yachting Events around the World

At DMA Yachting, we are proud to have a team of individuals who not only work in the yachting industry but also live it. Many of our brokers have extensive experience with yachts, either working onboard charter yachts or even living onboard, sailing purely for fun, in everything from bay races to circumnavigations.

Our team’s firsthand experience is crucial—it means we’ve been in the shoes of both the crew and the clients. We understand the nuances of life at sea, which drastically differs from life on land.

Charter Broker Daniel Asmus, Martina Asmus, and Nadja Asmus enjoy a sunny day aboard a yacht. The man on the left wears a navy blue cap and shirt complemented by beige trousers, while the middle woman wears a wide-brimmed hat and a patterned dress. The woman on the right sports sunglasses with a white floral dress. They all appear relaxed and cheerful, posing on the yacht's deck with a scenic marina and hilly landscape in the background.
From the left: Owner & Charter Broker Daniel Asmus, Owner & Charter Broker Martina Asmus, Charter Broker Nadja Asmus
Charter Broker Sarah Klische, Louis Lamprell and Chris De Kock standing on the bow of a yacht with a stunning marina backdrop. On the left, a woman wearing a dark nautical-themed dress and sunglasses smiles alongside two men. The man in the middle, dressed casually in a light shirt and jeans, and the man on the right, in a blue shirt and sunglasses, both appear relaxed and happy. The marina behind them is filled with a variety of yachts under a clear blue sky, reflecting the sparkling waters, with a charming hillside town in the distance.
From the left: Charter Broker Sarah Klische, Charter Broker Louis Lamprell and Charter Broker Chris De Kock

Understanding how yachts operate also allows our brokers to ask the right questions and spot the finest details during yacht inspections. This inside knowledge ensures that we know precisely what to look for, whether it’s gauging the quality of the onboard amenities or evaluating the professionalism of the crew.

Our brokers aren’t just checking boxes; they’re assessing how each element contributes to the sublime experience our clients expect.

We were at the recent TYBA Yacht Charter Show 2024 in Gocek

Participation in yacht shows is fundamental to our approach. By engaging directly with crews and industry professionals at yachts show like TYBA, EMMYS and MEDYS, where our presence was notably strong this year, we exchange ideas, gather insights, and forge great connections. These interactions are invaluable as they allow us to refine our understanding of market trends and client expectations continuously.

Crew of Luxury Motor Yacht Deep Water 40m, TYBA Yacht Show 2024, Gocek
Crew of Luxury Motor Yacht Deep Water 40m, TYBA Yacht Show 2024, Gocek

This year’s yacht shows have been particularly inspiring, showcasing more and larger yachts, each maintaining exceptionally high standards of service. Our team returned with notebooks brimming with new knowledge, ready to apply these fresh insights to benefit our future clients.

Charter Guru Mo Pristas getting a tour on Yacht at TYBA 2024, Gocek
Owner and Charter Broker Daniel Asmus talking to the Captain onboard Yacht at TYBA Yacht Show 2024, Gocek

Our Team

Contact us with any questions about luxury yacht charters in Turkey

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Daniel Asmus
Daniel Asmus

Owner, Charter Broker, Active CYBA Member, IYBA, ECPY

Marcelle Hailwax
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Alex Hailwax
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Louis Lamprell
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Yanna Pristas
Yanna Pristas

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Andrea Pristas
Andrea Pristas

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Chris de Kock
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Sarah Klische
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Martina Asmus
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William Mc Nally
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BONUS: Things You Must Try on Your Turkey Yacht Charter

Turkish Tea Ceremony

Turkish tea is a symbol of hospitality and is typically served in tulip-shaped glasses to enhance its aroma and flavor.

This ceremony is not just about drinking tea but also about slowing down and enjoying the moment, often accompanied by delightful sweets like baklava or lokum (Turkish delight).

A traditional Turkish tea setting, featuring tea served in classic tulip-shaped glasses that highlight its rich, amber color. Accompanied by pieces of baklava, a sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with syrup or honey, this setup is typical of Turkish hospitality. The tea is likely brewed using black tea leaves from the Rize region, known for its robust flavor. The ornate metal tray and glass holders add a touch of elegance, reflecting the importance of tea in Turkish social and cultural life.
Turkish tea culture offers a variety of flavors, ranging from the robust and widely consumed traditional black tea, known as "çay," to the sweet and fruity apple tea, favored by tourists and often served as a welcoming gesture. Herbal options like linden, sage, and rosehip are popular for their health benefits and soothing properties.

Explore Local Markets and Bazaars

A visit to a local bazaar is an experience that should not be missed. These traditional markets will give you a real look into Turkish culture.

It’s an experience for all senses—smelling the spices, the hot apple tea, and the shishas, all the colors of the fabrics, lamps, and other nicknacks, the glitter of the jewelry and precious stones, the constant chatter of people bargaining and salesmen calling out good deals, and the tastes of the many delicacies laid out in huge piles—Turkish delights, dried fruits, nuts, and honey-dripping baklava.

Don’t miss the Marmaris Grand Bazaar, open daily with a wide assortment of spices, sweets, and handcrafted goods, and the historic Kaleiçi Market in the Old Town of Antalya, which offers a scenic shopping experience with a variety of handicrafts and local foods.

This image vividly captures the essence of a traditional Turkish market, showcasing an abundant display of dried fruits and nuts. There are stacks of dried figs, apricots, and dates, alongside delicacies like rolled dried fruit filled with nuts and strings of candied walnuts. Each item is meticulously arranged, highlighting the rich variety and natural sweetness found in Turkish bazaars, where such snacks are popular for their flavors and nutritional benefits. The market scene is a bustling palette of colors and textures, inviting visitors to explore and taste the natural bounty of Turkey.
Stacks of dried figs, apricots, and dates, alongside delicacies like rolled dried fruit filled with nuts and strings of candied walnuts.
The colorful and aromatic diversity of spices typically found in a Turkish market. The array includes a range of spices from the familiar to the exotic: sumac with its tangy lemon flavor, fiery chili, earthy cumin, fragrant mint, and exotic saffron, among others. Each spice is not only a staple in Turkish cuisine but also plays a part in the country's rich culinary heritage, used to flavor everything from kebabs to stews and salads. These markets, like Istanbul's famous Spice Bazaar, are sensory hubs where spices are piled high and sold in bulk, providing a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.
From the sweet warmth of cinnamon and the pungent heat of red pepper flakes to the earthy depths of cumin and the bright zest of sumac, these spices are used liberally to flavor dishes ranging from kebabs to stews and salads.
An array of traditional Turkish mosaic lamps, known for their intricate designs and vibrant colors. These lamps are crafted by placing small pieces of colored glass into a plaster or grout base to form stunning patterns, often inspired by Ottoman and Byzantine art. The variety in color and design not only highlights the artistic craftsmanship but also creates a warm, inviting ambiance when lit, casting colorful reflections around the room. Such lamps are a popular item in Turkish markets and are prized for their ability to add an exotic and cultural touch to any setting.
Turkish lamps, often referred to as mosaic lamps, are renowned for their vibrant colors and intricate designs. These lamps are typically handmade from glass pieces arranged in patterns on a glass globe, then set in plaster or grout.

Taste Authentic Dishes and Street Food

Meze: Lots of small dishes meant to be shared, often starting a meal. Common meze include dolma (stuffed vine leaves), haydari (thick yogurt dip), and acılı ezme (spicy tomato dip).

Kebab: Turkish kebabs come in many varieties, including Adana (spicy minced meat), Şiş (skewered meats), and Döner (rotating roast).

Seafood: Given its extensive coastline, Turkey offers a rich selection of seafood dishes, especially in coastal towns where fish and other seafood are freshly caught.

Simit: Often referred to as Turkish bagels, simit is a sesame-encrusted bread that is crunchy on the outside and soft inside.

Gözleme: This is a traditional savory flatbread and pastry dish made of hand-rolled dough that is lightly brushed with butter and eggs, filled with various toppings, folded, and cooked over a griddle.

Dondurma: Turkish ice cream is notable for its chewy texture and the theatrical way it is served by vendors.

This vibrant image showcases a variety of traditional Turkish dishes, beautifully arranged to highlight the rich culinary culture of Turkey. The spread includes a hearty vegetable stew with chunks of meat and colorful vegetables, alongside dishes of creamy yogurt, seasoned rice adorned with bright red peppers, and a bowl of chickpeas in a spicy sauce. Each dish is presented in rustic cookware, adding to the authentic feel of the meal, which combines fresh ingredients and bold flavors typical of Turkish cuisine. This type of meal is not only a feast for the eyes but also offers a taste of Turkey’s diverse and flavor-rich food heritage.
Turkish cuisine features a mix of meat dishes like kebabs and vegetarian options such as dolma and pilaf. Staples include beans, rice, and traditional breads like pide.
This image beautifully showcases an array of Turkish meze and other traditional dishes, arranged to highlight the vibrant and communal aspect of Turkish dining. Featured are various small dishes including a spicy minced meat pizza known as Lahmacun, a creamy eggplant dip, fresh salads, and crispy phyllo pastry desserts like baklava. The setup also includes sides of fresh bread, olives, and peppers, emphasizing the variety and richness of flavors typical in Turkish cuisine. This kind of spread is perfect for sharing and is central to the social dining experience in Turkey, inviting everyone to sample a little of everything.
Turkish meze are a variety of small, flavorful dishes served as appetizers, including dips, stuffed vegetables, and seafood, meant to be shared and savored at leisure.
The image you've uploaded features a beautifully presented baklava, garnished with ground pistachios. This type of baklava likely includes layers of flaky filo pastry, sweetened with syrup and filled with nuts, which adds both a rich flavor and a crunchy texture to the dessert. This presentation is typical in Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, where baklava is a cherished treat, often served during special occasions and celebrations.
Baklava, layers of filo dough filled with chopped nuts and syrup/honey, is believed to have been perfected in the imperial kitchens of the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul.

Visit a Hamam

A visit to a traditional Turkish bath, or hamam, is a great experience for relaxation and cultural immersion. These baths involve a sequence of rooms that you progress through.

You start in a warm steam room and move to a hot room for sweating, followed by a scrub down and massage, and finally, a cooldown period.

It’s a rejuvenating ritual that cleanses both body and mind.

The image depicts a Turkish bath, or hamam, interior, highlighting its elegant and serene design. The focal point is a traditional marble washbasin set against a vibrant blue Iznik tile backdrop, which is renowned for its intricate patterns and deep colors. This setup, combined with the presence of luxurious bath items such as a striped towel, a wooden brush, and a scrub mitt, evokes the relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere typical of Turkish baths. Such spaces are designed not just for cleanliness but for relaxation and social interaction, embodying a long-standing cultural tradition in Turkey.
Turkish baths, known as "hamams," trace their origins to the Roman bath culture and were perfected during the Ottoman Empire.

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