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The following are the main categories of yachts available for charter in Turkey: luxury yachts, motor yachts, power catamarans, sailing yachts and more. You can choose from various crewed yacht charter options within these categories.

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Turkey Yacht Charter Vacation

Top Reasons For Turky Yacht Charter

With its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, the Turkish peninsula is bordered by a total of eight countries and is surrounded by three different Seas: the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south. It has over 500 islands along with 4,400 miles of unspoiled coastline which is best explored on a luxury yacht charter (motor yacht or luxury gulet charter).

Turkey offers private luxury yacht charters that typically start from Gocek and include visits to islands such as Gocek Island, Kas or Kekova, which has ancient ruins that can be reached only via snorkelling or deep-sea diving. However, for those looking to explore the culture and history of the country, starting from the Fethiye marina on the Gulf of Fethiye (‘Turkish Riviera’) provides a great start. This region boasts rich archaeological treasures, including the famous rock tombs of Antalya. In addition, the popular Oludeniz beach, also known as the Blue Lagoon, is closer to Fathiye Marina and can be visited for stunning views and impromptu photo sessions while sailing on the luxury private yacht charter in Turkey.

Season and Top Attractions in Turkey Yacht Charter

Hot air balloons are very popular in Turkey. You can add an extra day in your itinerary, preferably after the yacht charter to visit Cappadocia, Goreme, Turkey and experience the stunning hot air balloon over Cappadocia valleys.
If you cannot take a day out for the hot air baloon in Cappadocia you can still enjoy paragliding near the stunning coast of Antalya.

Luxury Yacht charter in turkey is a unique experience due to The Meltemi wind, which blows from the Northwest to west-northwest wind on broad waters but follows the coastlines closer to shore. In the summer, the average wind speed is 10-15 knots, and sometimes the guests can have a thrilling experience with 25-30 knots in the peak season with a motor yacht or luxury gulet charter. We recommend large crewed yachts such as motor yacht or sailing yacht to give you the best experience in the winds of the Sea. After the peak season, meltemi is weaker and you can experience mild winds and out-of-season prices. Consult with an experienced private yacht charter to get the best experience for your Luxury yacht charter vacation in Turkey.

The best time for yacht rental Turkey is between April and November because of its lengthy sailing season. Along the Aegean, Turkey experiences summer temperatures of about 86°F and spring and fall temperatures of about 77°F.

Top Attractions

  • Bodrum has an old castle worth visiting with the heady mix of youthful nightlife and a calm beach resort
  • Ancient rock tombs and ruins of the Lycian civilization in Fethiye
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site of Xanthos-Letoon remains
  • Old town of Gocek for shopping and homely food
  • The shopping markets of Fethiye and Marmaris
  • 500-km Lycian Way adventure trail in Fethiye
  • 50+ undersea sights of ancient ruins in Kas
  • Azure waters and clean beaches of Cesme
  • Tios, a hilltop citadel in Kalkan
  • Saint Nicholas Basilica in Myra
  • Simena the sunken city
  • Kekova Island

Our favorite Turkey Yacht Charter Destinations

Best Turkey Yacht Charter Destinations

Oludeniz beach (Blue Lagoon)

Fethiye is a picturesque town located on the southwest coast of Turkey. The majestic rock tombs that once stood on the site of ancient Telmessos may still be seen carved into the towering cliffs of Fathiye.  15 kilometers south of Fethiye, is the town of Olüdeniz,  which is known for its turquoise-protected blue lagoon, white sand beach, and National Park forest land best explored using a luxury motor yacht.

Although it is well known for its beauty and might get crowded in the summer, you are likely to find an unexplored cove if traveling by superyacht during your sailing vacation. Hop across the hill to the abandoned settlement of Kayaköy (Karmylassos), which gained fame in Louis Des Bernières’ book Birds Without Wings, if you’re determined to find peace on land.

Dont Miss:

  • Blue Lagoon: a stunning bay with crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches
  • Butterfly Valley: a nature reserve with a diverse ecosystem and a waterfall
  • Saklikent Gorge: a natural wonder with high cliffs and a river flowing through it
  • Ancient ruins: Fethiye is home to several ancient ruins, including the Lycian Rock Tombs and the Roman Theater
Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz, Fethiye, Turkey


Göcek is a charming town located in the Gulf of Fethiye on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Göcek is known for its modern marinas, which are popular among luxury yacht charters, with proximity to many secluded coves and bays. Some of the popular marinas in Göcek are D-Marin Göcek, Göcek Village Port, and Skopea Marina.

Göcek is located in an area surrounded by pine forests and hills, making it a perfect destination for nature lovers. The Göcek Yacht Club is situated in the middle of the pine forests and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and sea.

Dont Miss:

  • Twelve Islands: a group of small islands with crystal-clear waters and secluded beaches
  • Dalyan: a town on the Dalyan River known for its mud baths and ancient ruins
  • Water sports: Göcek is a popular destination for sailing and offers many opportunities for water sports, including windsurfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding
Beautiful view of Gocek (Göcek ) bays with yachts and boats, Fethiye, Turkey

Bodrum (Historic Wonders)

Bodrum is a popular destination for luxury yacht charters in Turkey for its lively nightlife and beaches with Club Catamaran, and Marina Yacht Club. Besides, The town was once known as Halicarnassus and was home to the famous Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Today, Bodrum is home to several historic landmarks and museums, including the Castle of St. Peter, which now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Luxury private boat rental (motor yacht charter) will allow you to discover these historical landmarks on the turquoise coast of turkey.

Dont Miss:

  • Castle of St. Peter: a medieval castle that now houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology
  • Mausoleum of Halicarnassus: one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  • Bodrum Marina: a modern marina with upscale restaurants, cafes, and shops
  • Water sports: Bodrum offers a variety of water sports, including diving, snorkeling, and parasailing
View of Bodrum harbor during hot summer day. Turkish Riviera.

Antalya (Shopping)

Antalya has a rich history, with well-preserved ancient ruins, including the Roman Theater and Perge, an ancient city with impressive ruins of a stadium, a theatre, and a bathhouse. In addition to its historical sites, Antalya is known for its beautiful beaches, including Lara Beach and Konyaalti Beach best explored by Luxury Gulet charter or motor yacht charter. You can also explore the Düden Waterfalls, a series of cascading waterfalls on the Düden River.

Antalya is also home to many upscale shops, restaurants, and cafes, as well as a bustling bazaar where visitors can find traditional Turkish goods, including rugs, ceramics, and jewellery.

Dont Miss:

  • Perge: an ancient city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a stadium
  • Hadrian’s Gate: a well-preserved Roman gate that dates back to the 2nd century
  • Düden Waterfalls: a series of waterfalls on the Düden River
Idyllic landscape view of the old city of Antalya and the Bay with the port and yachts. Popular tourist Turkish resort and Riviera

Kekova Island (Sunken Cities)

Kas and Kekova are two neighboring destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey that are popular among luxury yacht charters.

Kekova Island and Myra offer a unique luxury experience for a yacht charter in Turkey, where they can enjoy swimming in the clear waters while exploring the remains of the Lycian civilization. While snorkeling or diving, visitors can observe sarcophagi, ancient tombs, and archways, which are submerged underwater. This is a truly standout experience of any Turkish Riviera trip, as the sunken city is a sight to behold.

Dont Miss:

  • Lycian Way: a long-distance hiking trail that passes through Kas and offers stunning views of the coastline
  • Antiphellos Ancient City: an ancient Lycian city with well-preserved ruins, including a theatre and a temple
  • Sunken City of Simena: a partially submerged ancient city with well-preserved ruins that can be seen from the water or by snorkeling
  • Üçağız: a small fishing village with traditional houses and a scenic harbor
  • Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours: Kekova is known for its glass-bottomed boat tours that offer a unique view of the sunken city and the surrounding marine life.
Sunken ruins in Kekova island of Dolichiste ancient Lycian town facing Kaleköy-ancient Simena destroyed by an earthquake in AD.141-rebuilt and lasting until the Byzantine era. Antalya prov.-Turkey.

Where to Charter in Turkey

Luxury 6-day Turkey Yacht Charter Itinerary

Surrounded by three seas and eight countries, the Luxury Turkey yacht charter Itinerary is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! Visit the famous island region like Gocek, Fethiye, Gemiler, Kalkan, Kekova, Myra and Kas for an extraordinary luxury private yacht charter vacation in Turkey!

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